Bezos Musk

But this one’s new.

It’s everything I need, at least in this week.

It fits perfectly right.

What do I see? Looking like a TV dream.

Long time coming, and we’re all just watching

The floor give under the weight.

I’ve got a hole in me

That can only be stopped

By the next big thing we all want.

Just gotta save up now

Before they’re all gone.

Accessories? Yes!

Pink, jacked, and glittered,

And so small, fast, and clean.

What’s good for you, good for me.

And these stairs sure creak

As some joke comes down in full array.

Man’s Mouth

Nothing good from man’s mouth.

But you seemed happy playing tyrant,

Small against a paper backdrop.

That doesn’t mean much.

Just more shit from man’s mouth.

Fingers and hand in the shape of a snout

Mocking the motion of a man’s mouth.

Nothing less than man’s mouth,

So it’s just so sad shouting, chanting,

All small, alone against the power.

More bullshit kept alive just by the movement of man’s mouth.

Sneering, chonking, chewing,

Biting, grating, gracing, saving, stripping bare,

Biting down, 

All in a man’s mouth.

Nothing good from man’s mouth.

Cosmic Shrug

We’ll spot the perimeter –

All in place.

You drew the lines,

Our standards,

Our space.

The grass doesn’t grow as green here –

Long shadows cast by those above.

You’ll follow me;

I’ll watch you.

This wouldn’t happen

On the other side of town.

We’ll cross them,

So we can feel it.

To be the question on someone’s mind:

Why are you here?

Probably Not

This body’s just a vessel,

But it’s been mapped like terrain –

Colonized, commodified, and made strange.

Let’s cause some trouble up on stage.

Inside and outside, where’s it begin?

Let’s see facets in faces instead.

Worn on wearing in some dim fakes.

What a drag! 

Language has a way of informing,

But these are words just taking place,

Cribbing meaning out of mystery 

That just wants to play.

Dirty Hand

It’s time to go outside and make some plans,

If I’ve learned from the last time.

Guess we’ll see in a few weeks if I’ve nothing.

WIth sunshine,

With water,

With some time.

Use your finger to press a hole in the dirt, place a seed, and see, 

But I don’t know what I’m doing, just gotta trust the earth.

Be good, be good to me.

And I’ll be good to you either way as long as I can be.

Bad Goo

So turn it to the AM

So I can finally hear

What you’re trying to say.

Two dots, one circle:

The great chase turns to the figure eight.

Always ahead, always behind.

Never ever there, never aware.

Once a pair, once a part –

Separated, miscalculated:

Two dots, two lines.

Never ever there, never aware.